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NCAA Gymnastics 2017 Regionals Assignments

Following the conclusion of conference championships over the weekend, regional championship placements were announced live today on the NCAA Regionals Selection show.

The Regional Championships will decide which teams (and individuals) will go on to the national championships in St. Louis. Out of the six regional competitions, the top two scoring teams will advance to NCAAs.

The top 18 teams were seeded by their rankings based on their RQS (regional qualifying score). Teams ranked 19-36 were assigned based on geography.

The Regional Placements are listed below the cut
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Norah Flatley Retires From Elite

It's a sad day for the gymternet.

Norah Flatley, once prominent junior gymnast for Team USA has announced she is stepping down from elite.

Norah, who trains with legendary coach, Liang Chow, announced her plans via Instagram. Norah will finish her club career out in Level 10 before she starts her NCAA career at UCLA in the fall of 2018.

Updates NCAA Gymnastics - Gymternet News Cycle July 20, 2017

I'm back! I've had to deal with those adult issues (money, cars, careers, a wrist injury) that rear their heads up and demand that I pay attention to them. Lame.

Enough about adulting and me. Here's some NCAA Gymnastics goings on from what I'm going to call the Gymternet News Cycle.

News Brief 1 - Georgia is Reinstating the gymnasts Durante randomly suspended/dismissed

Ashton Locklear and Ragan Smith to Headline US Classic Roster

Next Saturday, 2016 Olympic Alternates Ashton Locklear and Ragan Smith will join  a field of 73 gymnasts to  compete at next Saturday's US Classic, the last chance opportunity to qualify for the P&G National Championships in August.

For the senior athletes, this will serve as a stepping stone in the qualification process to earn a ticket to the World Championships, being held in Montreal, Canada.

Aliya Mustafina, Post Baby Training

A couple of weeks ago, the legendary Aliya Mustafina gave birth to her first child, a baby girl called Alisa.

On Monday, July 3rd, Aliya, the two-time Olympic Uneven Bars champion, posted a video on her Instagram account of her doing some scales while out with baby Alisa.

Jazmyn Foberg to Attend Florida in The Fall

Today, 2014 US Junior National Champion, Jazmyn Foberg, announced she's decided to start her college career early and is headed to Florida in the fall.

She announced her decision on her Instagram earlier today.

Danna Durante Fired From Georgia

The drama in Athens continues as head coach Danna Durante has been fired.

On Sunday, the Red and Black student newspaper, stated that a source had said Durante was being let go and by Monday, the university confirmed it.

The news comes on the heels of the announcement that three gymnasts had ben set free from their roster.

After having a really rough start to their season, and then falling apart at NCAAs, finishing a mere 12th out of the 12 teams, their lowest finish since 2010 when they missed out on making nationals all together, placing 13th. Jay Clark was head coach at the time, and he resigned a couple of years later and in 2012,  Durante took the reins.

Goings on and Such - NCAA Gymnastics Edition

Today in the world of NCAA gymnastics we have Amanars being thrown and some light "team restructuring."

- Ashleigh Gnat just casually throws an Amanar... Because why not?